Monday, June 10, 2013

So exhausted, I can't even figure a song out

Happy Happy Monday, Wow how weekends go by so fast.

I had an okay Monday at work, the weekend was great. I did check Sean's phone and get in a argument with him about it. He said the reason why we are aren't already moved in together is because I need to work on the trust part in him. And I agree, I do need to work on that.... and I agree that I shouldn't be in there while I am still having issues. Trusting again is so hard. All I want to do is trust him. But I get so scared about things happening, but I need to continue to let go. I've been doing a good job! I've been letting go, not checking up on him... and he just texted me.. it is nice to go back to somewhat of my old ways, at the end of the day.... keeps him curious of what I am doing.

Nevertheless, I need to make sure to continue to let go and trust him..if I don't it will never work out. I can do it..

I trust him; Ask believe and you shall receive! I will continue to work on this... It shouldn't be too hard either because I do trust him :)

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