Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love somebody, maroon 5

Well there was another argument this weekend about the moving in. After speaking with a close friend about my argument with Sean, he was able to make me realize a lot.... Like seam has been married before and hasn't been successful in that aspect, which makes sense why he wants things to be almost perfect. And I can appreciate that. The fighting over this is stupid and pointless. I do need to trust him, he never did anything to hurt me so I truly have no reason why not to trust him. I did bring up some points to him of what I need in our relationship, and he has made efforts to show, and I'm sure the better I continue with that, the better he wil and so on..  

Anyways... Something clicked this weekend, it makes sense why Sean is the way he is sometimes... And I get it. And though I may be ready, he isn't. And that's okay, and right now I understand it. I need to appreciate my relationship with Sean for what it is. Sometimes I should remind myself of the hardships I've been through and how long I have been waiting for a guy like him. He truly is so amazing and we really are good together, it's just this stupid thing that got in between us. We will get better.  I love him so much. And I know he loves me.

Here's to getting better and moving forward. Ask believe and you shall receive. 

Sean, you are amazing 

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